Wine Industry

Ferretti International provides a complete range of services to the wine industry including:

  • Site piping installation in stainless and carbon steels, copper, poly and other piping materials
  • Stainless Steel tank fabrication and installation
  • Demolition works
  • Structural steel fabrication and installation including catwalks and support structures

Projects completed include:

BRL Hardy '99
Berri Estates Winery, Berri SA

  • Installation of wine and brine lines to 32 off new 278kL storage tanks.
  • 8" insulated PVC main lines tying into existing brine mains, with 2" insulated Stainless Steel branches servicing tanks, including control valves.
  • 3" Stainless steel wine lines including workstations.
  • 4" Copper water mains with 2" branches to workstations.

BRL Hardy Renmano Brine Line Installation
Renmano Winery, Renmark SA

  • Installation of Brine lines to 16 new tanks
  • 8" insulated PVC main lines with 3 and 2" Stainless steel insulated branches servicing tanks, including control valves.

Simeon Wines
Australian Vintage Cellars, Loxton SA

  • Installation of Stainless Steel Must and wine and carbon steel water lines.

BRL HARDY Buronga Crusher Pipework
Stanley Winery, Buronga NSW

  • Installation of must, water and air lines to new crusher pits.
  • included salvage of client supplied materials for reuse.
  • 6" Stainless steel must lines 2 and 1" Stainless steel air lines 4 and 2" copper water lines.

We have also undertaken various other projects utilising stainless steel materials including 316/316L, 304, 317, and SAF2205 materials for the wine, water, petrochemical, mining and power generation industries.